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Welcome to my blog.  As the title implies this blog will be the story of my journey from couch potato to running the Comrades marathon, a journey which I hope to make in just over two years. I emphasise hope to make. I am very far from certain to reach the end of the road in Durban in May 2014. For those who don’t know, Comrades is much more than a marathon. It is the world’s greatest mass participation ultra marathon, a distance of around 89km between Durban and Pietermaritzburg in South Africa.  I will blog in more detail about the race and the 2013 event shortly. However, it should be clear that this is no gimme. I will also be filling in more details about my history but suffice to say before 5 March 2012 I had been basically totally unfit for 35 years. I should also add that I am not one of these heroic people who takes on a BHAG (big hairy ambitious goal) and achieves it through the purity of my determination and total focus. I like to give things a try but sometimes life and motivation intervene. Above all, I don’t like pain so I have not ben and will not be pushing myself to any limits and beyond – more on this philosophy in later posts as well.

So I am taking on a very big challenge.  This blog is actually starting just after halfway through that process.  I will include a section in the site talking through my progress so far but it is fair to say that as I write today I have already travelled from couch potato to half marathon runner. Lets use this first post as a sit rep.

The way things were!

IMG_0660 copy

1. Weight now is around 79kg which is about 12 1/2 stone or 175 pounds in American money. This is from a starting point on 5 March 2012 of 101.1 kg, 15 Stone 13 lb, 223 lbs.

2. Average training load around 30 miles or 48 km per week with long runs up yo 20km. Real starting point was running 2.7km on 21 August 2012.

3. Major race to date, Edinburgh Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon 14 April 2013, finishing time 1h 43’ 38*. Best 5 km time 21’08”

4. Today, 15.5 km in 1h 24’ 34” along the river Thames in London.

5. Family, married (approaching 28 years) with two great kids. My wife Sue is facing a kidney transplant but we have every reason to be optimistic. Please not, there will be very little guff about motivation on this blog but Sue’s health was definitely not related as we did not find pout about the kidney until February 2013. So put the psychology away!

6. Work, about to embark on the biggest change in my working life leaving a firm I have been with for 29 years and starting my own business or businesses.

7. Golf, handicap now 4.2 but battling – losing this kind of weight plays havoc with your timing.

8. Overall health, excellent acceding to my comprehensive annual medical check up which took place on 3 January 2013.

9. Scotland, UK and the world, still governed by fools andcharlatans. Hard to say whether it is worse or better when the economy is not in the doghouse. Pretty sure this factor is the least likely to change through the period of this blog.

And now….

new me copy

All in all a fairly good place even if my wife’s health and the new career are a bit scary.

Much more to come and the focus in this blog will be on my life and my running as they progress. I will add another section on the history of my journey to date and probably pages devoted to the anal detail of   my training and some of the people and place that have helped inspire me and keep me going.

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