Commitment at Last! – original post 20/6/13

Leaving PwC is a really tough job! Another week with some great golf and a fair bit of partying so struggling to maintain the training. I am going to return to the golf at a later date once the full tour is completed but wanted to concentrate this week’s blog on the running side.

By far the most important step of the week has been making a commitment to run the Loch Ness Marathon on 29 September 2013. I need to complete a qualifying race over the marathon distance or longer and this seems like the perfect choice for my debut over 42.2 km. The route will be stunning along the side of the largest body of fresh water in the British Isles by volume and it is very much part of my long standing connection with the Highlands.

I must admit to being a bit nervous of the commitment. Part of my philosophy to date has been not to commit long term so that I am motivating myself not forcing myself to run. Giving myself time does allow me to raise some money for charity though. I have decided to raise funds for the PKD Charity. This is the only charity in the UK raising funds for research into polycystic disease. The disease was at the root of Sue’s liver transplant and now her need for a new kidney so very close personally. If you would like to support this research, you can find my page at or you can donate through JustTextGiving by sending the amount you want to give to the short code KFLN68.

The importance of transplant surgery was really brought home to me over the weekend by an exchange of e-mails with an old friend who now lives in Auckland and who is on the list for a heart transplant. Get well soon Craig.

Having said that, not a lot to report in terms of volume. Between last week’s golf and some serious box shifting on Monday I actually went five days without running for the first time since November last year. Felt a bit weird when I went out again on Wednesday but by the next day I was settled in despite a bit of a hangover from James Compston’s leaving drinks at the Cavalry & Guards Club. Was great to see him in such a positive frame of mind and I think he will really make a go of his next challenge.

Kept it up through my own party on Thursday night. Part one of three but special because it was a small group of people. Great day at Sunningdale with Dave, Mike, Mark, Matt and JP then joined for a curry at the Red Fort afterwards by Mohi, Steve, Neil, Huw, Nick and Paul. Prize to Neil for travelling all the way from Dubai and thanks to Huw for taking us to his excellent club afterwards. Could not think of a better way to celebrate, golf, curry, beer and great conversation with close friends.

By the time I reached the weekend, I was conscious that although I had been out, I was not really getting in any solid training. Made Sunday into a hard day by playing golf early then 8 km of running on a very hilly route and an hour of Badminton with Lorna. Nothing too tough but sustained and felt especially good running. Followed this by managing 20.41km on Monday in a very pleasant run through Pollok Park. Took me 1hour and 52mins which is actually the longest time I have been on my feet. Tough to keep focused but enjoyable.

Cheating a bit to include a Monday but has been a good week and pleased to maintain the training through the parties!


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