Party on The Moor – original post 18/8/13

It has occurred to me that I have not yet managed to thrill you with a diary of my actual running.  Having had a good mix of very good days, bad days and differing routes last week, I decided to share may day by day experience before wandering into the usual digression. Don’t worry, I will try not to repeat the format.

Monday 5/8/13 – started the week with a tough run (not something I always feel like doing) and did 15.90km on a very hilly route.  Total elevation is 634ft and it feels much more than that.  Route starts from my front door and involves a Crookfur Rd, a good climb, a shorter hill up Broom Rd, then another longer one on Broom Rd East before a long and in some places very steep climb up the Old Mearns road and past Eastwood Golf Club.  Another hill up past the coup and East Renfrewshire Golf Club completes the set.  Was amazed when I checked the watch that I had a time of 1hr 19’31”.  This is pretty much dead on 5min per km which was very pleasing for that route.

Tuesday 6/8/13 – rest day

Wednesday 7/8/13 – long run day with a target of doing my first 30km outing which would be six laps of one of my Pollok Park routes.  Felt great for my first 15km but then fatigue set in big time and the next lap was tough.  Kept it going but lap 5 was a desperate struggle and felt I had to stop after 25.55km in 2hr 26’17”.  Was very disappointed but realised afterwards that I had run 77km in six days including a rest day and a parkrun day when I only did 5km.  Just too much of a step up in distance.  Pollok Park remains my favourite collection of routes and hopefully the new pictures page will show why.

Thursday 8/8/13 – rest day seemed in order and I was also up early for a train back to Inverness.

Friday 9/8/13 – back on the Black Isle and ran 10.69km from my Dad’s house along to the tennis courts, up Manse Brae out of Rosemarkie and along the main road towards Fortrose before turning down Ness Road and managing two laps on the track around Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Club.  Included a brief stop so enjoy the dolphins off Chanonry point again.  Pretty relaxed 58’37”.

Saturday 10/8/13 – Inverness parkrun in Bught Park.  Much less windy than the previous week so was able to take advantage of the flat course and get round in 20’42”.  This felt OK albeit tough but the old guts started playing up in the final mile and were really bad as soon as I stopped.  Had to make a sprint (of sorts!) to the leisure centre for an emergency pit stop.

Sunday 11/8/13 – stayed with my Aunt further along the sea front as Gordon and Carole Spy were staying with my Dad.  Up early and had a nice easy 7.26km.  Basically same route as Friday but lay one lap of the golf course.  Felt great despite being on my feet all night at Runrig and could easily have done more.

Overall hit the forty mile target with 64.40km so pretty satisfied.

The other highlight of the week was Runrig.  Fortieth anniversary celebrations culminated with the Party on the Moor concert at the Black Isle Showground near Muir of Ord on Saturday night.  17,000 people and not a drop of rain made for a perfect night.  The band played for three hours and covered all the old favourites.  The political old stagers Donnie Munro and Pete Wishart both made an appearance and Donnie’s rendering of An Uibhal As Airde was especially memorable.  The pace of the evening and the totally informal, down to earth Highland atmosphere really made it.  Having Gordon and Carole there was fantastic and Lorna also came along and despite being new to the music basically danced all night.  Altogether wonderful.

Runrig on stage at the Party on the Moor with the big Highland sky as a backdrop
Runrig on the Black Isle set against the highland sky

If none of the above makes sense to you then get online and check then it out.  Runrig are the original fusion of Gaelic and Rock’n’Roll.  Their music is party music, spiritual fodder and an elegy for a disappearing culture all rolled into one.  Maybe you have to be Scottish but the Danes, Germans, Dutch and Scandinavians in the crowd would disagree.  The true spirit of the Highlands.

Runrig Amazon Store


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